Marian Mys`kiv

Position: Professor, Department of Inorganic Chemistry

Scientific degree: Doctor of Chemical Sciences

Academic status: Professor

Phone (office): (032) 239-45-06


Google Scholar profile:

Research interests

Structural chemistry of Cu(I,II) and Ag(I) coordination compounds with cyclic and acyclic organic compounds

Study of the reaction conditions on synthesis of such compounds

X-ray crystallography

Nonlinear optics



Under my supervision 13 PhD students defended their thesises (among them – Peter Zavalij – presently Professor at the University of Maryland, USA, Volodymyr Olijnyk – Professor at the Opole University, Poland, Yaroslav Filinchuk – Professor at the Catholic University, Leuven, Belgium);

Scientific advisor of doctor of sciencies thesises of V.Olijnyk (1997), B. Mykhalichko (2000), Yu. Slyvka (2020).


Controlled synthesis, structure and properties of copper-containing homo- and heterometallic compounds for optoelectronics, 2020-2022.


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