Khrystyna Miliyanchuk

Position: Senior Research Fellow, Department of Inorganic Chemistry, Associate Professor, Department of Inorganic Chemistry

Scientific degree: Candidate of Chemical Sciences

Academic status: Senior Researcher

Phone (office): (032) 239-45-06


Google Scholar profile:

Research interests

  • Crystal chemistry of intermetallic compounds and their hydrydes
  • Hydrogenation-induced modifications of crystal structure and physical properties of intermetallics
  • Magnetic materials



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Brief Statement of Scientific Carrier and Qualification

2015-till now: Senior researcher at the Department of Inorganic Chemistry, Ivan Franko National University of Lviv.
2012-till now: Associate professor at the Department of Inorganic Chemistry, Ivan Franko National University of Lviv.
2008-2014: Managing editor of scientific journal “Chemistry of Metals and Alloys
2007: Junior Researcher at the Department of Inorganic Chemistry, Ivan Franko National University of Lviv.
2002-2006: PhD student at the Department of Electronic Structures of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University, Prague (The thesis “Synthesis and studies of new hydrides based on the compounds of f-metals” defended at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University, Prague; October, 2006. Attestation as C.Sc. in Chemistry in 2007 at Lviv University).
1997-2002: Student of the Faculty of Chemistry of Ivan Franko National University of Lviv (Thesis “The interaction of R2T2In compounds with hydrogen (R = Ce, Gd, Sm; T = Ni, Cu)” prepared at the Department of Inorganic Chemistry)

Scientific and technical skills
  • synthesis of of intermetallic compounds and their hydrides;
  • X-ray diffraction methods;
  • crystal structure determination and refinement;
  • magnetic measurements;
  • specific heat measurements;
  • neutron powder diffraction;
  • sputter deposition and characterization of thin films;
  • Mössbauer spectroscopy
External stays
  • Institute for Materials Research, Tohoku University, Oarai, Japan (January-February 2020). GIMRT Collaborative Research project. Physical properties measurements under pressure.
  • Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic: EU project “Nanomaterials Centre for Advanced Applications” (August-December 2017); bilateral project “f-Elements intermetallics as matrices for hydrogen storage” (July-August, 2019); a number of short-term stays for experimental research.
  • Forschungs-Neutronenquelle Heinz Maier-Leibnitz, Garching/Munich, Germany (October 2017). Powder diffraction on deuterides .
  • Vienna University, Austria (October 2009-January 2010). Ernst Mach Grant. Project “New non-centrosymmetric superconductors”.
  • Instituto Tecnológico e Nuclear/CFMC-UL, Sacavém, Portugal (August 2006). COST-16 action. 119Sn Mössbauer spectroscopy on hydrides .
  • Hahn-Meitner Institute, Berlin, Germany (March 2006).  BENSC Neutron Proposals Program. Powder diffraction on deuterides .
  • Freiberg University of Mining and Technology, Freiberg, Germany (March 2004). Structure analysis of thin films .
  • ITU-Actinide User Lab project, Karlsruhe, Germany (January 2004). Project “Synthesis and magnetism of US thin layers” .


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