Nataliya Dominyuk

Position: Junior Research Fellow, Department of Inorganic Chemistry

Research interests

Synthesis, structure and properties of solid solutions of p-elements of III-V groups based on compounds R2T2In (R = La, Ce; T = Ni, Cu)



  1. N. Dominyuk, V. I. Zaremba, R. Pöttgen La5Ir1.73In4.27 with Lu5Ni2In4-type structure // Z. Naturforsch.B. 2020; Vol. 75. Iss.6–7. P. 709–713. 
  2. D. Gnida, N. Dominyuk, V. Zaremba, D. Kaczorowski. Influence of nonmagnetic disorder on specific heat and electrical resistivity in Kondo lattice system CePd1-xGexIn // J. Alloys Compds. 2015. Vol. 622. P. 681-686.
  3. N. Dominyuk, V.I. Zaremba, U.Ch. Rodewald, R. Pöttgen. Nd39Ir10.98In36.02 – A complex intergrowth structure with CsCl and AlB2 related slabs // Z. Naturforsch. 2015. Vol. 70b, №7. P. 497-503.
  4. Dominyuk N., Nychyporuk G., Muts I., Pöttgen R., Zaremba V. Solubility of p-elements III and IV groups in the Gd2Cu2In compound // Visn. Lviv Univ. Series Chem. 2013. Is. 54. P. 57–63.(in Ukrainian)
  5. Dominyuk N., Hlukhyy V., Nychyporuk G., Shpurka Z., Zaremba V. The crystal structure of the commpound YbNiGe // Visn. Lviv Univ. Series Chem. 2011. Is. 52. P.62-66.(in Ukrainian)
  6. Dominyuk N., Zaremba V.I., Pöttgen R. New Quaternary Indides RE7Ni5-xGe3+xIn6 (RE = La, Nd, Sm) // Z. Naturforsch. 2011. Vol. 66b, №4. P. 433-436.
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